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Why buy a Huseby Custom Boot?

The Custom Boot Process:
   When you come to Huseby Custom Boots the first thing I will do is  trace your foot and measure everything from the calf to the ball. Some "custom" boot makers simply ask for your shoe size but what most people do not know is that the majority of people have two different sized feet like me! This causes trouble with your feet hurting all the time. That's why I make each boot to fit each foot!

Time is required to hand-cut leather, stitch and last your boots.
This process can not be rushed, to do so would lower the high standards
for which we strive.

Key Benefits:

  • Comfort -An exact fit to each foot based on your measurements not generic sizes.

  • Health- Wearing boots that actually FIT can stop or prevent foot damage. Your body will thank you too.

  • Design- No more buying anything you don’t really want or like simply because it fits your shoe size. You can choose the exact style, color, boot height, design and more. You will own a one-of-a-kind artistic creation that you designed yourself and this adds a certain sense of pride.

  • Quality- When you order a pair of boots from Huseby Custom Boots you are guaranteeing yourself a level of quality without compromise. Leather is inspected for scars and other defects. Huseby Custom Boots does our best to avoid these scars. Thad Huseby, Master Bootmaker, gives personal attention to each boot during the hand-crafting process.

  • Savings-Your Huseby Custom Boots will last and based on their use, require little to no repairs. This saves you money!


   At Huseby Custom Boots we pride ourselves on being able to deliver what you want. You are our customer and if you are not happy, then neither are we.

Why else would you go out of your way for the best service?

You know the difference between quality workmanship and store-bought production boots and saddles.

Just let us know within 15 days of receiving your order and we will do our best to work with you.

Boots with brands, initials, and special designs or boots altered, other than by Huseby Custom Boots, are not available for a return. Our guarantee is dependent upon measurements completed by Mr. Thad Huseby.


There is no substitute for fine custom- fit leather products. So stop and ask yourself, don't you deserve the best?

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